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13. Your Rights to Cancel and Return Items

13.1 If you are a consumer (that is, not a business) based in the European Economic Area (including in the United Kingdom), you may be entitled to a “cooling-off” period within which you may cancel your contract with a Seller and return an item for any reason. If applicable, the cooling-off period ends 14 calendar days after the day on which you (or someone nominated by you) receive(s) the item.

13.2 The cooling-off period does not apply in the following circumstances:

13.2.1 If the item is sealed for health or hygiene reasons, and you have unsealed the item after receiving it; or

13.2.2 If the item consists of sealed audio or video recordings (e.g. CD or DVD) or sealed computer software, and you have unsealed the item after receiving it; or

113.2.3 If the item is digital content and it has been downloaded or otherwise accessed by you; or

13.2.4 If the item is likely to deteriorate quickly, for example flowers or food; or

13.2.5 If the item has been personalised or made-to-order for you; or

13.2.6 If the item has been inseparably mixed with another item or other items (according to their nature) after you have received it.

13.3 If you wish to exercise your right to cancel during the cooling-off period, you must inform the Seller of your decision within the cooling-off period. You may do so in any way you wish. Cancellation by email or by post is effective from the date on which you send the Seller your message. Please note that the cooling-off period lasts for whole calendar days. If, for example, you send the Seller an email or letter by 23:59:59 on the final day of the cooling-off period, your cancellation will be valid and must be accepted.

13.4 Items must be returned to the Seller no more than 14 calendar days after the day on which you in form the Seller that you wish to cancel. You will be responsible for the costs of returning items to the Seller if you cancel under the cooling-off period.

13.5 When you cancel under the cooling-off period, the Seller must issue a refund within 14 calendar days of the following:

13.5.1 The day on which the Seller receives the item(s) back; or

13.5.2 The day on which you inform the Seller (supplying evidence) that you have sent the item(s) back (if this is earlier than the day under sub-Clause 13.5.1); or

13.5.3 If the Seller has not yet dispatched the item(s), the day on which you inform the Seller that you wish to cancel.

13.6 The Seller may make certain limited deductions from refunds under this Clause 13 as follows:

13.6.1 The Seller may reduce a refund for any diminished value in an item resulting from your excessive handling of it (e.g. handling going beyond that which would be permitted in a shop); and/or

13.6.2 The Seller is only required by law to reimburse standard delivery charges. If you have chosen a premium delivery method, the Seller is only required to reimburse you for the equivalent of standard delivery.